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From the curator👨‍💻

Hey, Nic here, welcome to issue #015 of The Slice✌️

Wait...why is Nic sending out the newsletter on a Thursday and not Friday? Don't worry, I just decided to experiment on a new day, and also because it gives me a longer weekend to plan ahead for the following week. 

In other news, I made a new personal website where I plan to write some long form essays every now then, but it's mostly just an online profile for myself.
 Check it out here
If you didn't catch last week's issue, don't worry, you can read here. Now for this week's issue, I hope you enjoy😘
This weeks catches🎣
Here is some SaaS products, apps and extensions that I discovered this week.

Freddy Feedback (Sponsor)

A simple and powerful tool to get feedback from your visitors and customers on anything that you communicate to them. Get started for free.


Paperd is a note taking app that comes with a unique and eye-soothing design. Collect your inspirations, take notes, make a to-do list and even set up your own vision board.


Tiip is a simple, yet intuitive word-choice enhancer that provides suggestions on how to enhance the delivery of your writing and shows you how to become a more refined writer.


Grain is a tool that lets you record and share the best parts of your zoom calls. It allows you to take notes, make video highlights and share clips with your team.


Fontless is a tool that's makes it easier to self-host Google fonts for your website that's privacy oriented, lightning fast and automatic, so no need to edit config files.


Inspect is a developer tool for macOS and Windows that allows you inspect and debug your web applications and websites on iOS and Android devices.


My picks of dope newsletters and communities for this week.
Creativerly - A newsletter about productivity and creativity boosting apps and resources, combined with useful insights, and articles, delivered to your inbox weekly.

The Contrarian Letter - A newsletter about thoughts on the psychology of money and living a good life.

Podcast of the week🎙️

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I choose one or two with the most value for my audience.
This weeks podcast(s) of the week goes to,

The Indie Hackers Podcast. If you don't already know, I'm quite the fan of Trends.vc, and this week they had Dru Riley on the show, where they talk about his Indie Hacker journey, how it took him 3 years to make his first dollar and discuss the difficulty of finding an idea with product-market-founder fit. 
Listen here 

Blog posts/Articles 📚

There is a lot of crap on the internet, so I rifle through it and pick a out gem or two that I found this week.
How I made $210,822 selling a pdf and a video on the internet 
"These two products made $237,207 in sales so far, and $210,822 in profit, for an average profit of $24,802/month." Read more

The Complete Guide to Self-Control by Scott H. Young 
"Self-control isn’t easy. But it is possible to make it easier." Read more
Knowledge base/Resources 💡
Resourcess and knowledge that helps you growth and get smarter.
Cold Email Templates - I found this very cool swipe file of great examples of cold email templates that I'll definitely be putting into practice. Check it out here 

200+ resources to build a website - A directory of 200+ resources to create websites. Here you will find assets, no-code platforms, templates, and some knowledge I find useful. Read here 
Classifieds 📢
IndieStack - Building, launching, running, and growing digital products has its own unique challenges. Why do it alone, when you can do it with your own tribe of people. Join IndieStack today!

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That's all for this week, I'll be back next week, same time, same place!
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