This week I share unique conferencing tools, domain cloaks, AI copywriters and more.
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From the curator👨‍💻

Hey, Nic here, welcome to issue #021 of The Slice! If you missed last week's issue, you can read here  👈 

Can you believe that we are nearing the end of October already. It's quite crazy to think that I started this newsletter in May on a wim. To see it evolve to what it is now, is quite heartwarming. Here is what I got from writing this newsletter.

- Met some really extraordinary people from all 4 corners of the world.
- Built myself an audience.
- Made new friends.
- Overcame imposter syndrome.
- Generated a second income.
- Gave me a sense of purpose.

I find that humans function better when they are doing something creative or building something meaningful for themselves. It's safe to say that The Slice definitely is that for me. So if you're planning on starting a side project, a hussle or anything. Just start......10/10 would do it again.

In other new

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Now for this week's issue, I hope you enjoy😘
This weeks catches🎣
Here is some products, apps and extensions that I discovered this week.

FeedLetter (Sponsor)

Gather feedback for your emails with the least friction. Simple 2-steps for your readers and massive insights for you. Get started now for free.


Candu lets you drag and drop components to build user experiences that power customer onboarding, feature adoption without writing a line of code.


Typora is a truly minimalist markdown editor that gives you a seamless experience as both a reader and a writer that removes all the clutter and distractions found in traditional markdown editors.


Cloakist is a tool that lets you use your own brandable domain on any any site, stopping your customers from being confused by 3rd party links. Works with Medium, Notion, Airtable and more.


Copysmith is a GPT-3 powered content marketing tool that generates high-performing product descriptions, ad variants, taglines, copy and SEO metadata in a matter of seconds.


Vowel has a unique take on video conferencing, that transcribes entire meetings live on screen. It also acts as a collaboration tool with your team to plan, host, search and share your meetings.


Tabbs is a faster way to get around Google Chrome that lets you find tabs by titles or matches within pages, close tabs when work is done and pin tabs you visit often.


My picks of dope newsletters and communities for this week.
Website Flipping Newsletter is our featured newsletter this week that talks about the lucrative business of buying and selling of websites. The newsletter is also a great resource for how-to guides, case studies and more. Definitely something worth checking out.

r/outside - Not quite tech related but a very awesome subreddit community I came across this week. The whole of idea of this role playing subreddit is that people discuss life itself as it were an MMO videogame. You could easily spend a few hours on here like I did and read some of the most wholesome content on Reddit. If you're feeling down, or if you want something to put a smile on your face. Check this out, like now!

Blog posts/Articles 📚

There is a lot of crap on the internet, so I rifle through it and pick out a gem or two that I found this week.
Why You Should Share Your ideas Online.
"The internet is a money printer for smart people willing to share their ideas online. Like any printer, it can take lots of trial and error to get it working. Occasionally it runs out of ink. Sometimes it jams. But when it works, it’s pure magic." Read more

The No Code Generation Is Arriving.
"In the distant past, there was a proverbial “digital divide” that bifurcated workers into those who knew how to use computers and those who didn’t." Read more
Knowledge base/Resources 💡
Resources and knowledge that gets you smarter.
UX Archive is a massive library mobile UX trends. It features examples of some the most successful mobile apps on the internet. Check it out

Here is a Curated list of customer development resources that's still being updated to this day. The analogy of "If I build it, they will come" is complete bullshit. That is why, this list was created it. Check it out
Classifieds 📢
Refactoring is a weekly newsletter with advice on leading product and engineering teams. Based on 10 years of experience as CTO of a venture-backed startup

AlternativeAssets  - Unique investment ideas worth exploring. There's a million blogs about stocks and VC. This is about the options that aren't talked about as much.
Classifieds are paid ads that support The Slice and are seen by our 900+ subscribers each week. Book yours 
That's all for this week, see you next week, same time, same place!
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