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"The Sexy Value."
This is a situation where somebody is able to launch something, that is not only better, but cheaper. This perceived value what we call the sexy value.

To quote Sketchplanations -  "often this is only possible with a whole new technology or approach. It’s like when the first taxi apps started appearing. To me it was like hang on, this is way better — no trying to catch a taxi in the rain, simple, non-awkward, no swinging by the ATM payments — and also cheaper.

It is of course, not the only way to compete. If you make something better, people will pay what it’s worth to them. But if you can do it cheaper too you’re on to a winner."

I get a ton of emails and Twitter DMs of people asking me my opinion on their products each week, whether is be newsletter idea, a SaaS or anything, so I think this little diagram is very relevant. Strive for the sexy value! 😜
Now for this week's issue, I hope you enjoy😘
This weeks catches🎣
Here is some SaaS products, apps and extensions that I discovered this week.

Logology (Sponsor)

Logology's automated test determines the brand identity that matches the values of your startup. You can then pick a logo from their original collection, and get full brand guidelines for your website or app.


Goalsy helps you create personalized goals, schedule and complete your tasks and track your progress, all in one beautifully created platform.


Nocode is a tool that lets host a blazing fast, super secure and easy to manage websites built from your Google Docs.


screenshot rocks
Screenshot.Rocks is a tool that lets you screenshot eye catching browser and mobile mockups in a matter of seconds.


Aspect is an HTML and CSS generator. Easily create the website in the drag and drop editor and download or publish your custom code.


Wireflow is free, online and open source tool for creating beautiful user flow prototypes. No Photoshop skills required! 


My picks of dope newsletters and communities for this week.
Hauniv is a newsletter curating the most promising recently funded startups, emerging market trends and business opportunities into a byte sized monthly email.

Blog posts/Articles 📚

There is a lot of crap on the internet, so I rifle through it and pick out a gem or two that I found this week.
We Hacked Apple for 3 Months: Here’s What We Found (1 hr read)
"Between the period of July 6th to October 6th myself, Brett Buerhaus, Ben Sadeghipour, Samuel Erb, and Tanner Barnes worked together and hacked on the Apple bug bounty program.". Read more

The Observer Effect - Daniel Elk - CEO of Spotify
"Daniel does things very differently from other business leaders and was generous to go deep with us on his leadership style, time management, decision making, Spotify's impact on the world" Read more

The Art of Persuasion 
"Almost all of the resonance connected with one of the three appeals of persuasion described by Aristotle (Ethos, Pathos and Logos).?" Read more
Knowledge base/Resources 💡
Resources and knowledge that gets you smarter.
No matter your beliefs or background, I came across these 6 livelihood buddhist guidelines for living. I love the teaching about consuming mindfully, and it puts a lot into perspective. Check it out  

I love open-source stuff! Open-source quite literally makes the world go round and I just just happen to stumble upon a massive list of open-source macOS applications. As a mac user myself, I was quite literally frothing at the mouth. Check it out
Classifieds 📢
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That's all for this week, see you next week, same time, same place!
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