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From the curator👨‍💻

Hey, Nic here, welcome to issue #016 of The Slice✌️

A big thank you to the kind stranger who gifted me an entire years subscription of ko-fi Gold Membership last week! That really does mean a lot to me. Check my profile out 

I was recently gifted a book (Thank you, you know who you are 😘) Unscripted, by MJ Demarco and hits very close to home and I'm sure a lot of my own audience would be able to relate. 

Today I made the decision to remove the "Podcast of the week section" in The Slice because I found that it was not resonating well with all of you guys, and I'd rather share content that, you as the reader, will appreciate and get value from, so sadly, I had to cut the podcast section out.😔 

Also, if I can have exactly 14 seconds of your time to take a quick survey, I'd really appreciate it. (Yes, I actually timed myself taking the survey.) Take the survey

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'The biggest obstacle in creative work is the burden of expectation.'

I came across this snippet in a newsletter that I recently fell in love with, so I thought I'd share it as it hit me like a ton of bricks.

As a creative myself, my expectations of the way I do things have, at times, run rampant. After reading this and getting rid of this "burden of expectations", It gave me a sense of clarity with not only how I'm going to approach a given task, but also the way I write my newsletter, so here is a cute elephant that will help you make sense of it all.
Now for this week's issue, I hope you enjoy😘
This weeks catches🎣
Here is some SaaS products, apps and extensions that I discovered this week.

Unstack (Sponsor)

Don't just build a website, build a no-code marketing system that scales with a blog, landing pages, A/B testing, contact management, lead tracking, and integrations. Sign up today for free. 


Placid is a tool that helps you automatically generate social card images and other share images for your online content, saving you time on designing images and makes your content more shareable.


Headline is a copywriting tool that creates headlines like copywriting experts. With over 1000 templates, this tool will save you time on your next headline and create high converting headlines.

Meta Tags

With Meta Tags you can edit and experiment with your content, then preview how your webpage will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter and more!


Folge is an app that automatically creates step-by-step guides and tutorials with the click of a mouse. Annotate, customize, and export guides in 6+ formats.


Pory is a no-code tool for turning your Airtable data into beautiful websites. Perfect for testing ideas, sharing content and building an audience.


My picks of dope newsletters and communities for this week.
Indie Letters - A must read bi-weekly briefing of marketing knowledge, tools & learning resources for solopreneurs, and makers. 

Community Finder - Community Weekly is a newsletter where you can discover online communities to join, tools that are helpful for community builders and content creators. 

DesignRemotely - A newsletter showcasing the latest jobs, interviews, articles, and resources for Remote Designers.

Blog posts/Articles 📚

There is a lot of crap on the internet, so I rifle through it and pick a out gem or two that I found this week.
The Value of Grey thinking. 
Grey thinking works. Reality is all grey area. All of it. There are very few black and white answers and no solutions without second-order consequences. Read more
Knowledge base/Resources 💡
Resourcess and knowledge that helps you growth and get smarter.
I came across this gem while surfing the endless abyss of Hacker News. Essentially it's all of Paul Graham's essays, visualized into a infographic series. I've always been a big Paul Graham fan, and his essays have Impacted me in more ways than none. Check it out here 

Marketing for Beginners by Morning Brew - The Morning Brew have made this great, no BS guide to marketing and its good! like really good! Read here 
Classifieds 📢
IndieStack - Building, launching, running, and growing digital products has its own unique challenges. Why do it alone, when you can do it with your own tribe of people. Join IndieStack today!

📱Homescreens - Do you enjoy seeing what apps other people are using? Every week I interview founders and creators in tech about what’s on their phone. Subscribe for free today.
Classifieds are paid ads that support The Slice and are seen by our 800+ subscribers each week. Book yours 
That's all for this week, I'll be back next week, same time, same place!
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